Music chat room

Welcome to the music chat room!

This is a place where anyone is welcome to chat about music. Chat about rock, alternative, jazz, hip hop, classical, rap, R&B, opera, instrumental, or any other genre that you can think of. Chat about your favorite bands or maybe even find others who would like to join a band with you!
Music chat room for songs chat, In this room you are sure to meet people who have the same interests as you. Music brings everyone together so get together in this room and share your love of music with others. You might just be introduced to music that you never knew existed and broaden your love for music even more.
This room is restricted for those who would like to discuss music. If you do not want to chat about music, please find another room that is more appropriate for your chatting needs.

Note: Sharing skype/yahoo with strangers is not recommended, strangers can record webcam or transfer virus.

Music chat